Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Design a Tee for Lambi

While some groups are cutting back, Lambi Fund is redoubling its efforts to support sustainable development in Haiti. We are working with grassroots partners in rural Haiti to implement many new projects such as grain mills, irrigation pumps, reforestation, fishing, and microcredit funds. How exciting that the continued support of so many Lambi Fund advocates like you has given us the opportunity to fund more projects than previously anticipated!

Now it's time to harness your creativity and do good for Haiti! The Lambi Fund of Haiti is proud to announce our very first t-shirt contest, "Tee for Lambi!" We need you to help us create a memorable t-shirt design encapsulating the Lambi Fund spirit. The winning design will be featured for sale in our new Lambi Fund Store, receive some great prizes, and enjoy all the notoriety and good fortune of becoming "Lambi Famous" (you will be featured in our newsletter and online). Click here for more information and all of the rules & regulations.

Well quit reading already! Tell your friends, family, children, students, and enemies, and get designing! Can't wait to see what our talented Lambi Fund supporters produce!

Have a happy week and remember, Lambi Fund wouldn't be as spirited and effective without your support.


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Karen Ashmore
Executive Director