Saturday, February 02, 2008

How to Help

Many of you have emailed us after reading the news article about Haitians eating dirt cookies or mud cakes and have asked what you can do. Lambi Fund of Haiti is partnering with communities in Haiti to become sustainable so that they can support and feed their families -- and not rely on food aid charity, which can create an unhealthy dependence.

Haitians are proud and do not like to have their poverty sensationalized. Haiti is, after all, the first independent black republic. But the fact of the matter is that malnutrition and poverty are concerns in Haiti, especially for the many peasants living in the countryside.

The best way an individual can help is to contribute to groups that work in true partnership with Haitians to become socially, economically and politically empowered. Lambi Fund is by far one of the best organizations to address these issues. And I am not saying that just because I work for the organization. Like you, I did my research beforehand and came to the same conclusions as you. Lambi Fund is one of the best models for creating change and sustainability while working for improved economic conditions and increased food availability.

Learn How You Can Help by going to


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