Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Gift Catalog

This holiday season, you can make a donation to the Lambi Fund of Haiti in honor of someone special. See our gift catalog at

By buying the items listed here, as well as in our complete gift catalog, you're making a symbolic purchase of the types of things rural Haitian community organizations need to build sustainable economic progress.

Here are some samples from our gift catalog, but you can click here to see all 20 items.

Tree Seedlings: $22
Green is Great
The Lambi Fund of Haiti is passionate about the environment, and believes that deforestation has critical impacts on food security and the environment. Haiti, described by the United Nations as "one of the most degraded countries in the world," suffered epic levels of flooding from recent hurricanes, which were exacerbated by severe soil erosion and deforestation.

Your gift will purchase one tree seedling, train local farmers on proper tree care, and plant and nurture the tree seedling until it has become properly substantiated.

To make a gift of tree seedlings, click here, enter $22 in the amount field and tree seedlings in the comments field.

Seeds: $50
Seeds for Tomorrow
The food crisis in Haiti is an urgent plea for more food. A seed bank enables Haitian communities to plant inexpensive, high-quality seeds and grow food to feed their families sustainably for years. Farmers have had to buy seeds at triple the cost of what they can earn from their crops.

Your gift will provide community members seeds for an organic seed bank and provide sustainable agriculture training, empowering Haitians to provide food for their families and increasing food security.

To make a gift of seeds, click here, enter $50 in the amount field and seeds in the comments field.

Goats: $100

The gift of a goat is a sustainable way to help a struggling family in Haiti. Goat breeding can be a pathway out of poverty. Goats can thrive on just about anything - even grass and leaves on the dry land in rural Haiti - so there is little cost for their upkeep. Goat meat is a popular food in Haiti, so there is a strong demand at the local market. Goats often have two or three kids a year, so a community organization that wants to start a self-sufficient goat breeding enterprise can see immediate success.

To make a gift of a goat, click here, enter $100 in the amount field and goat in the comments field.

Support Women: $500
When Women Win, We All Win
Women make up 70% of the world's poor and produce 80% of the developing world's food, yet they own less than 1% of the world's land. Sadly, this rings true in Haiti. Lambi Fund understands that economic progress in Haiti cannot be achieved without the help of women. Women are overlooked by government programs, receive lower wages, and have fewer opportunities for education.

Your gift to support women will pay for leadership, organizational, and technical training to women. This enables women to become leaders in their organizations and communities, and builds a lasting foundation for gender equity.

To make a gift to support women in Haiti, click here, enter $500 in the amount field and for women's programs in the comments field.

After making your contribution, don't forget to print out Lambi Fund gift cards to let your loved ones know about the gift you've made in their honor.