Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Author and Publisher Donate Proceeds to Lambi Fund

       Catching the Tap-Tap to Cayes de Jacmel, written by Lane Ashfeldt, is the award winner of the Global Short Story Prize.  In this amazing short-story, Ashfeldt takes the reader through an emotional and inspirational journey in rubble strewn Haiti after the earthquake.   In a short Q&A with the author, Lane Ashfeldt is asked what the phrase ‘Catching the Tap-Tap’ in the title means.  Lane responds by saying:

…The tap-tap, with persistent and life-affirming rhythm, sort of crashed its way into the story. I don’t even remember the first draft without it. It took over the space, all the more so because tap-taps are a big part of everyday life in Haiti. In case you haven’t read the story and don't know what I'm on about, I’ll say no more so you can read it and find out for yourself.

Hopefully there's another meaning tied in with this also: how something like this can be passed on, person to person or phone to phone, getting the message across and supporting local people in Haiti to build a stronger future.

In support of helping Haiti build a better future, Lane Ashfeldt and Ether Books have decided to generously donate all author and publisher fees to the Lambi Fund of Haiti.  Download this story now and support the grassroots-led effort to achieve sustainable rebuilding in Haiti.

Catching the Tap-Tap to Cayes is available for download via the Ether Books application for $1.99.  You may download the Ether Books app for free in the iTunes store. 

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