Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is a big day for everyone here at Lambi Fund and we hope you are using today as a chance to give a little something back to this wonderful planet that we call home.

In Haiti, thousands of Haitian peasants are becoming stewards of their environments as they work steadfastly to restore and protect their mountains, hills, rivers and crops.  Community-led reforestation is a major component of Lambi Fund's work.  Each and every organization and project that Lambi Fund partners with community organizations on has a reforestation aspect.

By funding the supplies needed to build tree nurseries, purchase seeds and tools like shovels and picks and providing the training necessary to nurture and plant tree saplings throughout Haiti, hundreds of thousands of trees have been planted in Haiti's countrysides.  Members of community organizations are directly invested in the health and well-being of these tree seedlings as they are responsible for the daily management and upkeep of the tree nurseries.  Once the saplings are ready to be planted, organizations share the saplings and decide where they should be planted.

Peruse our brand new reforestation slideshow or watch our reforestation video to learn even more!

TOGETHER, we can make this Earth greener, healthier, and a better place to live.

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