Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Always Organic, Always Local

In light of Monsanto's recent $4 million donation in seeds to Haiti, many are asking whether or not the Lambi Fund of Haiti uses GMO seeds.

Lambi Fund uses only organic seeds that are indigenous to Haiti. In efforts to increase agriculture sustainability, Lambi
Fund works with local farmers to teach organic farming methods that improve crop outputs and protect the environment. In fact, Lambi Fund is proud to partner with thousands of peasant farmers throughout Haiti who promote sustainable agriculture in Haiti through the use of seed banks. Seed banks allow Haitian communities to plant high-quality, inexpensive seeds year after year.
Providing Haitians with seeds for a seed bank and sustainable, organic agriculture training empowers farmers to feed Haitian communities themselves.
The Lambi Fund of Haiti, does not and will not use GMO or hybrid seeds from Monsanto or any other similar corporation. All of Lambi Fund's agriculture programs will continue in partnership with local Haitian farmers' organizations and in promotion of local, indigenous seeds.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Honor Your Father this Father's Day with the Gift of Seeds in Haiti

The days are longer, nights warmer and summer is here! This year Father's Day is June 20th- an especially important day for everyone at the Lambi Fund of Haiti. It's a day to honor all of the strong fathers, grandfathers and men in our lives.

Since the earthquake, Lambi Fund has worked hand-in-hand with 1,000's of great fathers who have selflessly opened up their homes, provided food, water and what little clothing they could to earthquake survivors in need. This daily display of resilience and humble generosity has been a constant inspiration to Lambi Fund.

Honor the special men in your life with the gift of helping fathers throughout Haiti rebuild their country. Take the 1,260 farmers from 42 peasant organizations who are working with Lambi Fund to plant more crops and increase crop outputs.

You can support these farmers by providing organic seeds, starting a community tool bank, or by purchasing an ox-plow. Each and every one of these gifts is accompanied with training on improved farming methods that preserve the environment and increase crop yields. It's a 2-for-1 deal!

Show Dad you care an purchase one of these gifts in his honor. Don't forget to print out his tribute certificate and Lambi Fund Father's Day card (available in English and Kreyol).

To our Fathers,

Karen Ashmore
Executive Director of the Lambi Fund of Haiti

P.S. Complete the gift with a Lambi Fund t-shirt, coffee mug, or hoodie from the Lambi Store