Thursday, September 01, 2011

FAMAB Members Visit Lambi Fund's Office

Early on August 28, 2010 the Lambi Fund staff was greeted with 54 members of FAMAB (The Organization of Brave Women) who dropped by for a special visit.  It should be noted that Lambi Fund's office is quite small and it was a packed house!    

Members of the organization arrived at our office in Bois Verna around 10 am and informed us that their visit had 3 main objectives:

First, they came to wish Josette (the Haiti Director) a speedy recovery since they had learned that she was dealing with some health issues. The visit was one of solidarity with Josette to express their love and their support to her in her time of need. They prayed and sang for her speedy recovery.

·         Second, the purpose of the visit was to say thank you and express their gratitude for the fact that almost a year ago, in the aftermath of the earthquake, the Lambi Fund of Haiti helped 100 of its members (Emergency grants were provided to the women of FAMAB). This support enabled the women to recapitalize their small businesses and pay the fees needed to send their children to school.  The women also took the opportunity to give a verbal report about how the emergency assistance had helped them and how they were doing today (they have already submitted a written report).

·         Third, they wanted to request a loan because their members’ financial situation was critical especially before the schools reopen.


We must note that 10 out of the 54 women who came to visit were elderly women, who in spite of their advanced years are still conducting vending activities.  

There were also 35 women who were relatively young and who were also small vendors. The cost of their supplies has increased and their profit has decreased considerably.

9 members of the organization were very young and are now attending school (computer, cosmetology, and secondary school), but in order to pay for their classes they have also gotten involved in vending activities. These young women have become very active and are revitalizing the organization.


During the visit, FAMAB members who benefited from the post-earthquake emergency grant thanked Lambi Fund for the support provided to 100 of its members. They shared with us what a tremendous life saver the grant had been. They also informed us that there are only 20 members still living in a camp in the Bel-Air neighborhood.