Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pssst...Did You Know These Women are Building a Vibrant Economy?

I was reading through a recent project report for the Association of Women in Action of Gwomon (AFAGM) and it was chock-full of so many great nuggets that I just had to share some highlights with you.

First off, these women partnered with the Lambi Fund of Haiti to expand their community credit fund.   In order to prepare the organization to successfully manage and issue loans to its members, a series of training workshops took place.


Following these workshops, Lambi Fund provided 250,000 Haitian Gourdes to increase the current fund’s lending capacity.

Now, AFAGM is preparing to issue its second cycle of loans to members.  

It is results like these that make me a steadfast believer in Lambi Fund's work.  Through holistic approaches that provide training and financial resources to partner organizations, institutions are set in place that benefit hardworking Haitians time and again and not just in one-and-done scenarios.

Moreover, Lambi Fund’s program staff is gearing up to launch AFAGM’s second phase of the community credit fund expansion where even more capital will be infused into the fund and these women will have the capacity to issue even more loans to enterprising merchants.  Cheers to that