Tuesday, July 05, 2011

July Giving Challenge

Happy July!  July means the days are longer, the nights warmer…and that it’s time once again for Lambi Fund’s July Giving Challenge..  For the entire month of July, the SG Foundation will match every $1 donated up to $10,000.

This is an unbeatable opportunity to choose from one of the Lambi Fund of Haiti’s many programs working to rebuild and you can double your impact.

Worried about stemming the spread of cholera?

Provide clean water in rural communities throughout Haiti by supporting the construction of rainwater cisterns.  (Learn how the rainy season is dramatically increasing the rate of infections here).

Interested in supporting local food security?

Start a tool bank and help rural communities throughout Haiti expand crop yields.

Want to support the creation of local businesses in Haiti?

Launch a community microcredit fund and provide women with the credit needed to purchase goods and supplies for small business enterprises.

Let’s rise to the challenge and make more of an impact than ever in Haiti!  For the entire month of July, $1 really equals $2.  Tell your friends and family and together we can surpass July’s Giving Challenge.  Donate now!

To good health and a happy summer,

Marie Marthe Saint Cyr
Executive Director