Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lambi Fund Hires New Executive Director

23 March 2011 - I want to be the first to let you know that the Lambi Fund of Haiti has hired a new Executive Director. The appointment of Marie Marthe Saint Cyr as Lambi Fund’s new ED is very exciting for our organization and our rural partners in Haiti.

Marie Marthe St. Cyr,
Lambi Fund's new ED
Within this new restructuring of Lambi Fund, I will continue to focus my efforts on outreach, development, and administration. The decision to appoint a new executive director was one that was not taken lightly. Following last year’s earthquake, the need of our grassroots partners in Haiti has expanded immensely and Marie Marthe’s presence and vision will allow Lambi Fund to more effectively respond to the pressing needs and challenges of our rural partners during this critical period for Haiti.

So, it is my pleasure to introduce Marie Marthe to you! Ms. Saint Cyr was born in Haiti, speaks fluent Haitian Kreyol and has a long history of working hand-in-hand with grassroots organizations. As our past Board Chair, Ms. Saint Cyr knows the organization from the inside out and has dedicated her time and energy to Lambi Fund for many years.

Max Blanchet, the current board chair, is equally excited about this new addition, “After 17 years of existence, and in view of the current situation in Haiti, we have chosen a leader with local roots, solid management and operations experience as Lambi Fund expands our efforts to address the increasing demands of the Haitian organizations in the rural areas.”

This is a time for opportunity in Haiti and Lambi Fund looks forward to instilling positive change - to expanding the organization and building a more unified and dynamic cohort to better serve rural communities in Haiti.

Together, Lambi Fund looks forward to strengthening its mission and working to better serve its rural partners in this next chapter of the organization. We hope you’ll join us on this journey – stay tuned!

Moving onward and upward,

Karen Ashmore
Lambi Fund of Haiti

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stories of Survival: Haiti Earthquake

Two women living in rural Haiti share stories of how the earthquake affected them and their families.