Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lambi Fund of Haiti Earthquake Recovery

Earthquake photo

The strong 7.3 earthquake that rocked Haiti has left this impoverished nation in a state of ruin.
Nearly every building over one-story has collapsed. The Presidential Palace has collapsed. Schools have fallen, hospitals have fallen, and hotels have fallen. The ministries of finance and other depart-ments, Supreme Court, and Parliament have all collapsed as well.
This strong earthquake and its 20+ aftershocks have pounded Haiti and destroyed many of the sus-tainable development projects run by grassroots groups that are partnering with the Lambi Fund of Haiti. Here are our plans for helping communities recover:
The Lambi Fund of Haiti is not a first responder, but a second responder meaning Lambi Fund will be there to help Haiti rebuild long after the relief service providers leave.
  • Help members of peasant groups get food and essentials for their families to re-establish their lives.
  • Help Lambi Fund field staff replace their belongings (food, clothing, furniture) that were lost in the quake. The sooner we help them get back on their feet, the sooner they can help peasant communities rebuild.
  • Recapitalize micro–credit funds run by peasant organizations so that people can replenish and continue their small businesses.
  • Rebuild grain mills, sugar cane mills and other economic development community enterprises lost in the earthquake. These buildings are the centers of communities’ economic livelihoods.
  • Repair rainwater cisterns so people will have a supply of safe drinking water.
  • Help peasant organizations buy goats, pigs, and chickens to replenish livestock. A few animals will quickly reproduce and provide offspring for animal husbandry projects.
To help our Haitian neighbors, please donate now!
Lambi Fund of Haiti
PO Box 18955
Washington DC 20036

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