Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lambi Fund Releases its 2009 Annual Report

23 September 2010- The Lambi Fund of Haiti's 2009 Annual Report is finally here!  2009 was a very busy year for Lambi Fund as 12 new projects began and over 50,000 individuals were impacted.  Continued work in over 30 communities on 20 sustainable development projects throughout Haiti focused on the following program initiatives:

- Sustainable Agriculture
- Community Microcredit
- Animal Husbandry
- Environment
- Organizational and Leadership Training

The Lambi Fund of Haiti's 'Million Tree Campaign' is building momentum as over 300,000 fruit and forest trees were planted throughout Haiti in community-led reforestation efforts.  Lambi Fund held four regional conferences on sustainable agriculture, gender equity and leadership training.  These workshops represented an important opportunity to provide peasant leaders with the tools needed to effectively impact change in their communities.

From everyone here at Lambi Fund, 2009 was a truly inspirational year.  Work with organized communities, effective grassroots groups, and empowered men and women throughout rural Haiti continue to be the driving force behind our work.  Please take the time to read Lambi Fund's 2009 Annual Report (also available in a PDF file) as I'm sure you will find our annual breakdown to be an engaging read.  The Annual Report provides you with a breakdown of all of Lambi Fund's new projects in 2009, examples of holistic approaches to community development, financial reports and how organizational and leadership training is changing the face of Haiti.

Most importantly: a VERY big thank you to all of our supporters in 2009....grassroots change comes from engaged individuals like YOU. 

Mesi, mesi!

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