Friday, November 05, 2010

Hurricane Tomas Hits Haiti

5 November 2010- The island nation of Haiti braced for Hurricane Tomas to hit its country on Friday.  Hurricane Tomas hit Southwest Haiti first- bringing heavy rains and heavy flooding to towns in that region.  Lambi Fund field monitors also report that the community of Leogane is "underwater."     
     Many feared that Tomas would tear through the already fragile city of Port-au-Prince.  For the millions living in tent cities with little to no shelter this prospect spelled disaster.  Tomas did not hit Port-au-Prince as hard with heavy rains and not much wind.
      Lambi Fund staff are reporting heavy rainfall and strong winds in the Northwest.  There is much flooding all over the coastal areas of Haiti.  

     In the aftermath of the hurricane, flooding can jeopardize the Cholera epidemic.  Clean water and sanitary latrines are important in containing cholera and the flooding will have a negative impact on water quality.  Lambi Fund continues implementation of water projects for rainwater cisterns and latrines to improve potable water and increase sanitation- which will minimize the impact of waterborne diseases like Cholera.

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